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Biomass Boiler Hoppers


Fully automated hoppers

 The large systems often require a specially designed silo; these (in new build properties) are often designed-in as the property will be developed with the boiler’s needs in mind. For retro-fit applications, shipping containers can be adapted to function as the hopper or pre-made large scale hoppers can be purchased. There are five main types of hopper currently available: 

  • Steel Hoppers – many different sizes available but can be fitted very fast.Sheet_steel_pellet_hopper 
  • Fabric Hoppers -  Available in a variety of sizes and capabilities and can be adjusted in height to maximize fuel storagebiomass-fabric-hopper 
  • BioTop – plastic all weather hoppers for outside storage, can hold 1.7 tonnes of pellets so suitable for small to medium applications. 
  • Buried hoppers – These resemble underground water tanks but store the fuel for applications where space above ground is at a premium or where aesthetics could be an issue.biomass-underground-hopper
  • Bespoke Hoppers – Custom built-in to the property. Biomass-pellet-storage-roomImage courtesy of
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