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Cavity and solid wall insulation

Cavity wall insulationThe National Insulation Association estimates that 33% of a property’s heat is lost through the walls. Insulating your walls against this heat loss can make your property much more energy efficient.

Most modern homes in the UK are built with cavity walls, that is, an inner and an outer wall with a space between them, which are designed to stop rainwater reaching the inside of the property. These cavities also allow heat to escape, however. It is possible to prevent heat from escaping by filling the gap between these two layers.

Cavity wall insulation is installed by drilling a small hole (around the size of a bottle cap) in the property’s outer wall and using a pump to fill the gaps with a polyurethane insulating foam. Though installing this is not a DIY job and must normally be done by professionals, it is quick to do and relatively inexpensive.

It is also possible to install solid wall insulation, which can be fitted either internally or externally, with decorative coatings. This method of insulating walls is significantly more expensive and disruptive than cavity insulation, as it can sometimes require substantial building and decorating work.

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