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The Renewable Energy Hub

Crowd funder, 2015

Exeter Museum (*) Ground Source Heat Pump (*)


Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things.

I am tempted to think there are no little things. 

- Bruce Barton

The Renewable Energy Hub's, 100% non-profit crowd funding scheme aims to help the City of Exeter's museum decrease its relience on fossil fuel generated electricity from the national grid, thereby helping to green the City for the people of Exeter by lowering its carbon footprint. 

The ethical nature of the crowd funder has obvios benefits for the City and only asks for very small donations in return. In return for your tiny investment The Renewable Energy Hub has incentivised the project offering brilliant value incentives for both individuals and businesses.

  • Integrated social media functionality that will retweet and tag your company in a message of thanks to the Hub's tens of thousands of social media fans. 
  • Improve your company's green image with an REH logo on your website or social media forum declaring your green intentions. 

The proposed works would save a whopping (*) tons of co2 per annum by drawing all the museums heating requirements directly from the ground in the vacinity. The project is entirely safe and once installed, will provide 100% of the museums annual heating requirements through renewable energy with zero carbon emmisions!

By buying a 'cube' on this page you are directly lowering our combined carbon footprint on a local, national and worldwide level.  

We have arranged with Eco Eco Eco Ltd (*), one of Exeter's top heat pump install companies and the Exeter museum directors to commence work on a GSHP system as soon as this crowd funder reaches its target. A survey has been carried out and a very fair quote has been rendered.

Each cube is a messgage to all our thousands of visitors, conveying your company's or your personal agenda and green ethics. It will also have a direct link to your website, providing direct promotion for your business. We have a built in Facebook app that will update you and your friends when we reach certain marks.

When the target of (*) is reached we will commision the project in the name of the people of Exeter and other contributors.

The funds generated by this venture go direct to a third party account being held by (*) 

The Renewable Energy Hub Ltd will make no profit from this venture it has been designed purely for the purpose of carbon reduction.   

Have some fun, help Britain green one step at a time!

Add a 'Renewable Energy Hub Crowd Fund Contributor' Logo to your website to display your green initiative. 

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