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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Green Roofs


Where you get the components of your green roof installation from will depend on the size and complexity of what you want to build. If you have done your research then you will have a list of what you need and this should include:

  • The waterproof membrane.
  • An insulation layer.
  • Drainage and water retention layers.
  • The growing medium.
  • The right plants.

DIY Projects

If you ae putting together a DIY green roof, perhaps on your garage or garden shed, then the main components of the installation are readily available from most DIY stores. Some specialist suppliers also produce full green roof kits that have everything you need from one source.

Bigger Green Roof Projects

The bigger the product, the more likely you are going to need a professional installation with people who know what they are doing. This is a growth industry in the US and many states now have companies that take you through the whole process of installing a green roof.

Green Roof Architects

If you are considering a large scale green roof installation, then you are going to need to find a designer/architect who can plan the project for you. There are a number of specialist architects and designers in states across the US who provide this service.

Finding the Right Manufacturers and Suppliers of Green Roofs

Whether you are an installer or an ardent DIY enthusiast, getting the right quality ingredients to make up that new green roof can make all the difference. You can search manufacturers and suppliers on our database and find someone in your area who can deliver the things you need.

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