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Planning permission for Green Roofs

Planning Permission for Green Roofs

Before you plan your green roof you might want to contact your local planning office or a reputable installer to find out:

  • If you need planning permission for a green roof.
  • If you need building regulations approval.
  • Whether there are any specific planning policies/guides relating to green roofs

It’s not just you’re the planning office that needs to be contacted, you will probably need to get in touch with both your mortgage and insurance companies to check if there are any issues.

Building Regulation Approval

Whilst there are no specific building regulations in states across the US relating to green roofs, there may be issues concerning load capacity, fire prevention or the disposal of water from the surface of the installation. Building regulation approval is needed under a wide range of circumstances including:

  • When you construct a new building.
  • When you extend or alter an existing building (this may well be the issue where a green roof is most pertinent).
  • If you convert a loft space or replace windows.
  • Installing services and fittings into a building such as hot water cylinders or fuel burning appliances.

Insurance and Green Roofs

You will need to contact your buildings insurer if you are having a green roof installed as they may want to review your premium or make sure that the construction meets the right standards and has passed all the appropriate planning permission and building regulation approval conditions that may be in place. It might, in certain circumstances, lead to an increase in your premiums, though it is interesting to note that in the rest of Europe at the moment insurance costs can come down with the installation of a green roof because of the reduced fire risk.

Mortgage Provider

Whilst it is usually not a problem as long as all the right steps have been followed, you should also check with your mortgage provider to see if there are any objections to the construction of a green roof.

It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry with Planning Permissions

When it comes to planning permission on green roofs it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your installer should know all the current issues relating to putting in a construction of this type, and they should be competent to assess whether there are likely to be problems such as whether your roof can cope with the extra load. But that doesn’t stop you doing the initial work and checking with your local council.

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