Infrared Heating Information


Infrared Heating Information

The chances are that you have been in a room recently that has infrared heating but you haven’t quite realised it. In truth, the technology has been around for a while but has been largely ignored by owners of domestic properties and small businesses who have generally opted for more traditional convection systems like hot water radiators and central boilers or heat ventilators.

With everyone becoming more in tune with green technologies, however, the infrared heater is gaining a number of fans across both home and business arenas as an economical and clean way to keep a house, shop or office warm.

History of Infrared Heating

Infrared is a curious thing because we all produce it – in fact the heat from our hands has been used as a healing process for thousands of years, particularly by the Chinese. This harmless light radiation was first discovered by William Herschel, the noted astronomer who is also credited with finding the planet Uranus in the 19th Century. Since then, we have used infrared heating technology in a wide range of processes including industry and, more recently, in our homes and offices.

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How Infrared Heating Works

Convection heating generally works by warming up the surrounding air so that it spreads slowly into a room. Where infrared heating differs is that it is essentially part of the light spectrum and works by heating up a particular object its waves touch rather than warming the air. This means that it tends to act more quickly and you feel the effects of its warming power almost the instant the safe radiation hits your body.

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Types of Infrared Heating

The most popular form of infrared heating is the lightweight panel that can be easily fixed to a wall or hung from the ceiling. There are also other types that are used for different purposes and operate across what are called near and far infrared. A near infrared heater will produce a characteristic orange glow (the sort of thing you see with a bar fire) but far infrared is invisible and is the one used most in domestic situations nowadays.

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Benefits of Infrared Heating

There are numerous advantages in installing a single panel or changing your whole heating system to infrared, among them the cost savings and the ease with which they can be mounted on a wall or from the ceiling. Particularly for businesses, there are enough benefits to consider it as a viable alternative to other, less clean technologies that depend on fossil fuels.

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Cost of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating can be installed for a relatively low cost compared to something like a boiler and radiator system. A single panel can be purchased for as little as $100 and larger ones that have a better design aesthetic cost up to $600. The amount that you save on your overall fuel costs will depend on a number of parameters including how well your home is insulated and the type of system you are replacing.

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Residential Infrared Heating

The growth in popularity of residential infrared heating has come out of the development of better technology that is not only easy to install, cost effective and clean, but is also good to look at. Panels come in a variety of designs including mirror, glass and printed ones that can add something a little more pleasing to the eye than other, more cumbersome, heating solutions.

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Commercial Infrared Heating

Factories and large industry have been using infrared heating for a long while as a cost effective and clean way of keeping their workers warm. Smaller businesses are now beginning to see the benefits of switching to infrared as well and many are swapping their old, fossil fuel dependent heating systems for something cleaner and cheaper.

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Infrared Heating Installers

The growth in popularity of infrared heating has led to the number of installers and suppliers increasing over the last few years. You can now search the Renewable Hub database to find one in your area.

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Infrared Heating Manufacturers and Suppliers

There are a wide range of different manufacturers and suppliers for infrared heating whether you are looking for a single panel or a solution for your entire property.

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