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The Cost of Infrared Heating

What is the cost of Infrared heating?

There are a number of parameters that determine the cost of infrared heating and your initial outlay will depend on whether you are looking for single panel for your living room or bed room or a fuller system that covers the whole house or office. The other issue people need to consider is how much it will save you in the long term and this often depends on the type of system you are replacing and how your home is set up with regards to areas such as insulation.

Infrared heating is quickly becoming a more diverse industry with much more than simple panels and now includes innovations such as underfloor heating and a new breed of boilers that boast excellent efficiencies.

Single infrared heating panels

The cost of a single panel can range between $100 around $200 depending on the power and size of the device. Prices do in fact begin to change when you bring in a little customisation. For example, a panel with your favourite print on top (so that you can hang it like a picture) will cost in the region of $500 and a designer glass panel heater may well cost in the region of $600.

Most people opt for a heating panel which is about the size of a large TV and preferences range from those who want it to be a centre piece for the room and those who want something that is fairly unobtrusive.

Generally, infrared heaters are easy to install and the cost of doing so is not prohibitive if you don’t want to do it yourself. Many suppliers now add this into the purchase price if you are buying direct from them.

Savings for a single infrared heating panel

It is difficult to gauge the exact savings of a particular system because there are variations between different suppliers and products. A 500w heater costs around $70 a year to run (based on 11 hours a day) and this compares to, say, a gas supplied heater that would cost over twice that or an oil filled radiator that would put you back nearly $450.

Fitting out your entire home or office

Whilst you can quite easily buy a single infrared heating panel and install it in your room you may well want to fit out your entire house or office. This presents a problem with co-ordinating them together as you don’t want to have to walk around switching them all on when you have better things to be getting on with. With greater wireless connectivity you can now buy thermostats and controls for electrical devices that can be used in much the same way as your gas central heating. These can be fitted to walls or in plug sockets and can make a big difference to an installation at a small extra cost.

Infrared for Businesses

There’s no doubt that the installation of infrared heating panels is being considered as a cost saving measure not only for businesses but also within homes. Many installers and suppliers are now touting savings of up to 70% on existing heating methods and with developed thermostat technology it means many companies can consider putting in complete systems that are controlled by multiple wireless devices.

Find out more about infrared heating panels for commercial properties.

Other options to panels

It’s true to say that the infrared heating industry is one of the fastest developing areas of new technology at the moment. You can now buy underfloor heating elements that produce 130 to 160 watts per square metre that can be purchased in a number of different sizes. You can also get new high efficiency infrared boilers that profess to heat water more quickly and substantially cut costs.

Infrared heating is fast become a good option for households and businesses that are looking for a cost effective and flexible solution whether it’s for a single room or for a whole property.

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