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Financial Incentives and Free Insulation


Finance for Insulation Projects

Did you know that as much as 25% of heat that is wasted in an uninsulated home is actually lost up through the roof? The cost of having adequate insulation installed is far outweighed by the savings on your heating costs – the problem is how you afford it in the first place, particularly if you are on a tight budget.

Having both wall cavity and loft insulation installed could well save you hundreds of dollars a year in reduced fuel costs. Fortunately, there are a number of financial incentives available that are designed to make people across the US reduce their carbon emissions (and save a few bucks in the process).

Most of the incentives are things like money back, tax credits and rebates that are handled at a state level. This is often administered by local utility companies who have been brought in to help us all be more efficient. This is particularly important in states where electricity and heating costs are increasing. Even regions that have not embraced renewable technology in the US have a good deal of help for home owners and businesses to be more efficient.

You can find incentives for insulation and other energy saving measures on the DSIRE website.

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