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Benefits of Insulation

What are the benefits of insulation?

The are many benefits that come with insulating your home which include reduced energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint and more obviously, a much warmer property. The US has some old housing and consequently some of the most inefficient in terms of heat retention and energy consumption.

Much of the heat that is lost in your home is through the walls and attic. Around 25% of the heat that is lost is through the roof with 35% lost through the walls and another 10% lost through windows. By having 10cm of fiberglass insulation fitted in the attic you could see a potential reduction in heat loss of 75% in that area of the building. An estimated 30% of US carbon emissions come from everyday things in the home. By having your property insulated you can help to reduce this number and, in return, reduce the cost of heating your home.

The most effective way to prevent this kind of heat loss is through the installation of cavity, wall and attic insulation. You will then be able to use much less energy when heating your home and it will take less time to warm up, and retain more heat for longer after the central heating is switched off. You will also have the benefit of a cooler home during the summer. By installing cavity and attic insulation you will give your home a greater energy efficiency rating which is likely make it more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

The insulation will have a positive impact on your property’s energy rating which could have a beneficial impact if you are considering selling or renting it out. Having a higher energy rating and a better efficiency rating can increase the value of your property.

There are also a number of federal and state incentives designed to help private home owners and businesses to install renewable energy sources in their properties. The cost of having cavity wall insulation installed could be around $700 but you may be eligible for grants or loans, and even tax rebates, for cavity wall insulation. .

Insulation is also very effective at absorbing sound and will help to reduce noise transmission through the building giving you a quieter and more comfortable environment. Having insulation installed in your home could potentially save your hundreds of dollars per year off your energy bills so should be the first port of call when thinking of ‘going green’.

Insulation is one of the main acknowledged ways of reducing carbon emission output as well as helping to reduce the consumption and reliance of fossil fuels.

There are other simple ways of insulating your property like fitting draught excluders to doors. Small changes like these can still take dollars off your energy bills.

Having cavity and attic insulation installed can also help reduce condensation that can occur in and on the roof or ceiling.

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