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Insulation Maintenance

Insulation Maintenance

Whilst something like cavity wall insulation should last a lifetime, other forms such as attic and pipe insulation may well need some kind of maintenance as time goes by.

Attic Insulation Maintenance

Attics, unlike your walls, don’t remain untouched. People climb up there and step around and that can compress the insulation so that it is not so effective. It pays to check up in the attic periodically to see that everything is in order. The recommended thickness of mineral wool insulation is generally 27 cm and if it looks less it might be time to pop down to the DIY store and pick up a few rolls. Attic insulation is one of the easiest things to replace or add to.

Pipe Insulation

Heat may cause the material of your pipe insulation to degrade over time, and that includes the lagging around your boiler if you have one. Again it pays to check once in a while and upgrade if you think your current insulation isn’t doing its job properly.

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation installations generally last a lifetime and have no maintenance requirements unless you suffer something like flood damage.

Old Insulation

If you have an old property and haven’t bothered about the insulation for a while then it may be a good idea to either check the place over yourself or get a professional installer in

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