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Insulation Requirements


What are the prerequisites to having insulation installed in a property?

While insulation can help prevent damp from occurring, it will not help to remove already existing damp. Therefore, if your property is susceptible to interior damp it is a good idea to hire a contractor to eradicate this before installing insulation. This is especially important if you choose to install internal solid wall insulation or insulate the floor of your attic, as the temperature may drop dramatically, potentially causing damp.

It is important to get expert advice on having insulation installed in your property in order to prevent any issues such as damp occurring. Cavity wall insulation can help prevent damp occurring but will not remove existing damp.

Sometimes it is possible that lumps of mortar will be lying inside the cavity and this is one of the reasons for damp developing after cavity wall insulation has been installed. The mortar has most likely found its way into the cavity during construction and will rest on the cavity wall ties. Rain water will penetrate the outer skin and be absorbed into the mortar which is not a problem in an open cavity. With non- ventilated insulation the mortar does not dry out and the damp penetrates the inner wall.

A good reputable insulation company would normally check your cavity walls for you to ensure there will be no issues regarding mortar within the cavity. The process for ensuring honesty about what information the company gives you is to ask for references form customers that have had their walls insulated within the last twelve months. You could also ask a drain cleaning company for instance to come and check the cavity walls to compare what information they give you.

Planning permission is normally not needed for insulation as long as it does not impact on the external appearance of the property.

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