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Commercial LED Lighting


Perhaps more than in the domestic arena, commercial LED lighting has taken off in the last couple of years. For many businesses it presents numerous benefits that can help reduce outgoings and boost green credentials that can make a significant difference to brand perception and, more importantly, running costs. Many businesses have gone for a sweeping change from incandescent or CFL lighting to LED in the certain knowledge that they will get a return on investment in a short space of time.

New builds are, as a matter of course, being constructed with LED lighting in mind but it is also a technology that are easier to retrofit than other green measures.

The Benefits of LED Lighting for Businesses

With the recent and rapid development in LED technology there are now some great benefits for businesses that swap to new lamps and tubes.

  • LED lighting uses less electricity than other bulbs, even more eco-friendly ones such CFLs. For instance, the equivalent of a 60 watt incandescent bulb in LED terms is around 6 watts.
  • LED bulbs last much longer than other bulbs. CFLs are expected to give out light for around 10,000 hours, whereas LEDs can last 60,000 hours.
  • Despite being a little more expensive than other types, LED bulbs provide a quick return on investment because of the lower cost in electricity and the durability of the bulbs.
  • Changing to LED is a simple move to make and can be carried out by an individual quite quickly. The range of bulbs are designed to work with existing fittings. The only area where businesses might need to change fixings is with tube LEDs that replace fluorescents.

Find out more about the benefits of LED lighting.

Case Studies

Search on the internet and you’ll find a number of suppliers and installers who provide case studies which all show that there are significant energy savings to be made in the long run with the introduction of LED lighting. Even if you are replacing greener CFLs there are still benefits from the reduction in energy bills and the durability of the bulbs.

Choosing the Right Installer and Supplier

The problem that businesses face is finding the right solution for their needs which means that it is not just a simple question of swapping the bulbs. Industrial size concerns will need a different approach than an average office, and a restaurant might require a more bespoke solution than a residential care home.

There are a number of suppliers and installers nowadays that can offer tailor made solutions for businesses across the US who want to swap to a more cost effective and greener way of lighting their premises. They will be able to review a particular business and outline all the cost savings and the best return on investment that can be achieved.

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