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Micro combined heat and power boiler maintenance

mCHP Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance demands with a microCHP unit will be very similar to a standard condenser boiler (as the Stirling engine element rarely needs any maintenance at all) but must be carried out by an accredited, Gas Safe installer. Be mindful that additional costs may be incurred as you may need a specialist plumber/technician to examine your particular unit.

You should have been provided with a commissioning checklist and a service interval record to help you keep up with servicing when your unit was first installed. Building regulations require that the installation should comply with the manufacturer’s specifications (only for dwellings and related structures).

As with all gas boilers you should have the unit regularly serviced to ensure the unit is safe, optimised and running within specification tolerances. You should have your system serviced no less than once a year and a standard annual service should cost around $80 and take about 1-2 hours.

A power flush to clean a central heating's fluid system will probably be needed at some point (5-10 yearly). This usually costs in the region of $500 and should take around a day. The time taken to complete this job can vary depending on the size of the system or the amount of fluid and grime that needs to be cleaned out of the radiators and pipes.  

If a new thermostat needs to be installed this should cost no more than $300. Other parts and repairs vary from unit to unit.

CO (Carbon Monoxide) alarms provide a great means to monitor for the presence of CO in your home or workplace. Carbon Monoxide is a highly toxic gas that is odourless, colourless and tasteless. It is produced when a gas appliance is not working to the correct specifications. The alarms usually cost in the region of $50 and provide a suitable level of protection in addition to peace of mind. Just because you have a CO alarm does not mean that you can avoid regular boiler servicing and remember to check the alarm batteries regularly! Your energy company can install them for you or you can pick them up from most good DIY stores.

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