Planning considerations : Commercial Solar Panles

Planning considerations

Another thing that should be taken into account when considering installing a large scale commercial solar panel PV array is the aesthetic impact it will have on the surrounding area. Though less conspicuous than wind turbines, solar fields and rooftop arrays have still provoked some strong opposition by groups concerned over their effect on the landscape and local buildings.

Each state or county has its own planning and development legislation in place which you need to be sure of before undertaking a major installation of this kind. Getting permission is therefore a central consideration when thinking of installing a solar field, because unlike small domestic or commercial installations, all large scale projects will require planning approval from the local authority. The ultimate planning decision will be based on a range of factors, including visual impact (glare, etc.), the potential benefits it could bring to the local community, the array’s impact on the local ecosystem, as well as the local electricity grid connectivity. The good news is that many states are actively promoting solar, particularly large installation which contribute to reaching renewable portfolio standards.


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