Roof/loft insulation : Suitability

Roof and Loft Insulation Suitibility

Roof or loft insulation may be appropriate if there is currently no roof insulation or if you have less than 100mm of roof insulation, in which case you can install more layers in order to improve the property’s existing insulation.

As discussed here different types of roof or loft insulation are available. If access is difficult in your loft due to the awkward placement of joists or other objects, a fire-retardant blown-in or loose fill type insulation will work best. If you have a regular joist layout, the more conventional and cheaper blanket type of insulation will work best.

If your property has a flat roof, it is usually best to insulate it from the outside using rigid insulation boards. A waterproof coating can then be fitted on top of the insulation boards. Flat roofs may be insulated from within, though this can cause damp problems. Installing internal insulation also means that the ceiling will be lower.

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