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Roof and loft insulation

Loft InsulationMuch of the heat - up to 25% - lost in houses escapes through the roof due to the fact that heat rises.  Insulating your roof or loft to a recommended thickness of 270mm is the best way of stopping this heat from escaping. There are different types of loft insulation:

  • Blanket loft insulation (also called matting insulation) - the most common and easiest to install type of loft insulation. Made from mineral or glass fiber and comes in foil-backed rolls which can be placed between joists
  • Loose-fill insulation - made from fire retardant lightweight fibers and can be used in difficult to access spaces with irregular joists or to supplement existing insulation
  • Blown-in insulation - though not suitable for DIY installation, blown-in insulation, whereby cellulose mineral fibers are blown into loft space using specialist equipment, is quick to install and useful for spaces where access is limited, such as gaps between roof joists
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