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Legal and planning permissions associated with a Solar Panel system.


Solar Panel Legal and planning for the USA

With such a large land mass and so many states, you won’t be surprised to know that legal and planning permission varies, even within individual counties. The good news is that most states support the installation of solar panels though it is a very good idea to check that you are not falling foul of any particular legislation.

Limitations might include not being able to install solar panels on particular buildings or stipulating how many panels you can have on a particular size roof. For instance, even states such as California who are very solar PV friendly, have a limit that you have to have a 36 inch set back from the ridge roof line. These rules can have an impact on the amount of energy you produce from your panels so it is worth checking out.

Solar panels and your insurance provider

Before installing PV technology, it is necessary to contact your home insurance provider in order to ensure that the installation will be covered by your policy (including both theft of and damage to the array). More on this here

Solar panels and your mortgage provider.

It is also advisable to discuss your plans to install a PV system with your mortgage provider.

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