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A Brief Introduction to Solar Panels here in the US

The growth of solar panel installations in the US has increased quite dramatically in the last few years, both in residential and commercial arenas. From small beginnings, in 2015 a total of 7,520 MW of capacity was installed bringing the level across all states up to 27.4 GW, more than enough power to provide electricity to over five million homes.

The reason?

Many states in the US have signed up to Renewable Portfolio Standards to provide a minimum of percentage of their power from renewables by a certain date. The challenge has been set. Most have good resources for clean energy including sun, wind and tidal power.

How the incentives have boosted the US solar market

There’s no doubt that one of the major reasons a large number of households and businesses started to install solar panels in the UK was because of federal and state incentives that reduce the cost of putting this kind of technology in. Add to this varying degrees of net metering that reward electricity production and the benefits of getting involved in solar are pretty good. Over the last few years these changes have turned solar panels in the US into a good investment for the future, with a good return on investment over the average 25 years life span of solar PV.

How Much Do Solar Panels in the UK Cost?

The price of solar panels has come down in recent years with more efficient technology and greater supply and demand. There are now plenty of US installers out there waiting to get to work on your solar panels system. Costs vary depending on the quality and efficiency of the solar cells used, the size of the array, and the ease or difficulty of installation and the credits and rebates available.

A typical 5 kW solar panel system will cost around £20,000 and should last around 25 years. It’s a significant investment for many households but one which may well pay off in the future as electricity prices rise.

Find out more about solar panels costs in the US here.

What You Need for a Solar Panels Installation in the US

  • You need a South facing roof.
  • You need the right space for enough solar panels to be fitted.
  • Your roof has to be structurally sound.
  • You’ll need space inside your house – one bulky part of your US solar panel system is the inverter and a spacious loft is a good choice.
  • Ensure that your house is as energy efficient as possible before you even start planning your solar panel installation – that includes things like loft and cavity insulation, having double glazing and getting energy efficient electrical appliances.

Choosing the Right US Installer for your Solar Panels

With the growth of the industry in the last few years, the number of installers has increased quite dramatically. If you want to take advantage of all the incentives in your state then you probably need to select a company that has the right credentials. You can find out more about that by visiting our solar PV installers UK page.

Are Solar Panels in the US a Good Investment?

Yes. How much of a return on investment you make, largely depends on the state you live in, but generally, across the board, you should expect to make a decent profit over the 25 years your array is supposed to last.

Commercial Solar Panels US

It’s not just domestic homes and businesses that are getting the solar panels bug. There are solar farms of all sizes popping up all over the US, providing valuable clean electricity for thousands of communities. Many landowners, particularly farmers and ranchers, are profiting from forming relationships with installers and investors to provide the space to build large solar farms.

Around 25 acres is needed to provide for a 5 MW installation which is enough to produce electricity for 1,500 homes. A number of communities have formed a collective to invest in a solar farm and many businesses see it as a way of providing extra income if they have the land available.

Find out more about all the commercial opportunities for solar panels US.

The Future of Solar Panels US

With major projects underway in the USA to build large scale solar farms, the major change has been states and individuals engaging with the technology and installing on their homes and businesses. Combine this with the ever increasing efficiency of the technology and the prospects look good across the country for solar PV.

Find out more about the future of solar panels in the US on our regularly updated blog.

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