Solar thermal heat storage : The different types of solar thermal collectors

Solar thermal heat storage

Water thermal Tank for Solar Thermal System

A thermal heat store will be necessary to retain the heat generated by a solar thermal installation unit until the heat is ready to be used. Thermal heat stores also work particularly well in conjunction with solar thermal panels. The main storage option in a domestic setting would be a large insulated cylinder that contains copper coils or plate heat exchangers. The system can also include a heating element like an immersion heater. A thermal storage unit can utilise a number of different and combined technologies for hot water generation and space heating. Thermal heat stores work at their best when managing input and output for a number of different systems and allowing flexibility in how you use both your solar thermal and current heating system together.

It may be necessary to also fit a new hot water tank as your existing tank may not be suitable, but this will vary depending on a number of factors such as what kind of solar thermal system you choose to install, your existing heating components and how many people the system will be designed to accommodate.

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