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Installers of solar thermal systems

Information to consider before contacting an installer

Before contacting an installer it’s a good idea to check a few things first:

  • Do you have enough roof space that’s facing south or as near as possible to south?  The further from south your roof’s orientation, the less effective your Solar Thermal System will be.
  • Are there any obstructions to the sunlight hitting your roof such as trees or nearby buildings?  Obstructions that block the sun will have a negative effect on the output of your array.
  • Is the inclination of your roof suitable for a Solar Hot Water System?  30° from the horizontal is optimal.

The majority of roofs in the US have a tilt between 30° and 45° (varying depending on how far south you go) though a roof with a tilt of between 0° and 50° from the horizontal should provide a good output. You can of course place a solar hot water system on a flat or barely pitched roof with the use of an angle mounting system.

Do you have permission for the improvements? Are there rules in your state or county for installing solar thermal and other renewable technologies? If you do not own your property then it will be necessary to attain permission before works are carried out.

There may be regulations such as:

Solar thermal systems on a building should be sited, where possible, to minimise the effect on the external appearance of the building.

  • It is also important that solar panels be removed when they have reached the end of their economic life.
  • Panels should not be installed above the highest part of the roof (not including the chimney) and should not project more than 200mm from the roof itself.
  • If you are unsure as to whether you would be allowed to have solar thermal panels installed you should contact your local planning authority.

Once you have checked the above points and wish to contact an installer, the installers will want to come and have a look at your property to give you a quote. There is no sure way of doing this over the phone or online, as every property is different. You will want the installer to be as accurate and as honest as possible, so a site visit is necessary for them to advise you of any pitfalls they may come across during the installation stage.  Also, by doing so you should protect yourself from any hidden costs.

The cost of a solar thermal system and its installation can vary in price considerably so make sure you get at least three quotes from reputable installers, and do as much research as possible this is as simple as sending a single email by using the below  search for an installer tool.

All approved installers should provide you with a detailed breakdown of the specifications of their proposed system. They should complete a technical survey in person before giving a quote and provide an estimate of how much electricity will be produced by the proposed system.

If you are not sure which technology is best for your home, business or budget, there is a renewable energy consultant section in our search renewable energy installer database. Their job is to come and assess your property and look at what renewable energy technology will have the best impact on your home or business and which is likely to give the best energy savings and financial returns. In some cases the initial costs of the technology can be paid for by the immediate savings you will make on your energy bills.

The feature below allows you to find a local or national Solar Panel installer for both domestic and commercial properties. You can ask them for information or to visit you, have a chat and give a free, no obligation quotation.

Please use the feature below to find solar thermal installers in the United States. This feature allows you to find a local or national Solar Water Heater installer from the largest database of renewable energy installers in all states.


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Manufacturers of solar thermal collectors

Please search here for the manufacturers of solar thermal collectors commonly used by installers in the United Kingdom:

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