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Solar thermal for businesses and the commercial sector


An introduction to solar thermal for businesses

As fuel prices are rising in many states across the US, it is worth considering having a solar thermal heating system installed in a commercial environment to mitigate these increasing costs. In the US, there are many benefits to having a solar thermal system as an integrated part of a commercial premises.

If your business uses a large amount of hot water, then you may stand to gain from having a solar thermal system installed. These systems would be suitable for businesses across a variety of sectors including agriculture, hospitality and leisure as well as being an ideal technology for new build properties.

Solar thermal can be integrated to work in conjunction with other technologies such as conventional heating or other renewable means of heat or electricity generation. Solar thermal is also an extremely reliable technology with very low CO2 emissions.

A solar thermal system would not, in most cases, be able to generate 100 per cent of a business’s energy requirements but it could still meet a substantial proportion of your business’s needs. For instance, it could generate a large proportion of the hot water requirements and reduce reliance on the boiler for this purpose, especially during summer months where heating is not required; this alone could provide large savings for your business.

In many states across the US, businesses are switching to solar thermal to help reduce their running costs and provide a greener heating solution for both staff and customers. Not only does it save American corporations money, solar thermal actually boosts their green credentials.

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