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Wall Insulation Suitibility

Cavity wall insulation will be appropriate for you if you do not already have it (many newer homes have cavity wall insulation built in), if the cavity between inner and outer walls is at least 5cm, and if your property’s outer wall is in good condition. Many older properties do not have cavity walls.

If your property does not meet these criteria, especially if you have an older property, you may want to consider internal or external solid wall insulation. This can be a major job, however, and can be very intrusive, especially in the case of internal solid wall insulation. It can, however, take place at the same time as other building work, which will save on installation costs.

The installation of solid wall insulation must also comply with building regulations (your installer should ensure that this happens). It may also be necessary to apply for planning permission for this type of job.

One should also keep in mind that this option can be very costly compared with other insulating methods.

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