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Wind Turbine Electronic Monitoring Equipment.


These technologies enable you to monitor the effectiveness, quantify output and detect issues with your wind turbine both locally and via the internet.

On an industrial scale they are normally made up of a PDM (Power Distribution Monitor) that monitors the electrical circuit(s) and transmits the data via the internet to a webserver (website). This website then provides the user with near ‘Live’ information regarding their renewable energy generation and / or consumption at a very granular level.

In a residential or small scale installation, a smart hub or similar data monitoring and transmission device can be installed. This will measure the output from your solar array and the energy usage from your home or business. Some models have the facility to transmit the data to a web server where you can monitor it from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world, enabling both live and historical reporting and predicted output forecasting. This functionality permits the users to see if a fault develops in the inverter(s) or identify irregularities in output of the turbine and act accordingly.

Some systems even switch on and off appliances in your home or business automatically, based upon the availability of the energy being generated by your Wind Turbine. This functionality adds an element of automation to your energy consumption, decreasing your dependence on the national grid and further reducing your energy bills.

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