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Can I build my own Wind Turbine?

Industrial Wind Turbine Build

It is, in theory, possible to assemble and install your own domestic wind turbine system. It is even possible to buy a ‘microwind’ (less than 1kW output) turbine over the counter from hardware stores across the US. For these relatively small and inexpensive roof-mounted wind turbines, it is viable to install them yourself, although it is advisable to commission a survey of your property in order to check that it can bear the weight of the turbine.

More than most countries, the USA has plenty of wide open spaces that make installing wind turbines a viable prospect. They are a good solution for providing electricity to remote farms and communities, often in combination with solar PV.

Installing even the smallest of wind turbines is not a simple DIY job, however, so it is essential that you do as much research as possible before deciding to do it yourself. Some companies also offer DIY wind turbine installation courses.

For larger pole-mounted systems it is not advisable to attempt to install the turbines yourself. The principal reason for this is that you may negate any federal or state rebates and tax credits that might be available. You also need someon who will ensure that quality and safety standards are met.

Most pole-mounted systems require substantial building work, such as the construction of strong foundations prior to the erection of turbines. What’s more, many turbine warranties exclude damage caused by poor installation. Smaller domestic systems may be better suited to the use of strong guy ropes.

  • You will also require an electricition to connect your wind turbine and feed power into your home or business.
  • It is also strongly recommended that you carry out a site survey and feasibility study before deciding to install any kind of wind turbine system.
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