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Wind Turbine Installers


The US is a growth area when it comes to wind power. There are plenty of natural resources for getting a good return on investment whichever state you live in. This feature allows you to find a local or national Wind Turbine Installer.  You can ask them for information or to visit you for a technical survey and quotation.

Before contacting an installer, it is a good idea to consider the wind speeds for the proposed site. Get an anemometer to test it, If the annual average wind speed is less than 11mps, it may not yield the results you are hoping for. Wind turbines are very susceptible to turbulence and surrounding obstructions so be mindful of this when considering your proposed site. Planning permission may be needed and although an installer can advise you with this it’s a good idea to check it all out yourself first.

Your installer should liaise with your local or state legislature or utility company to connect your wind turbine to the local grid. There may be a charge for this depending on the size of turbine and location.

If the national grid fails for any reason, grid connected inverters automatically switch off to protect engineers working on the line. If grid related power cuts are common in your area, you might wish to consider some form of back-up storage. Consult with your installer for further details.

The cost of a wind turbine system may vary considerably so make sure you get at least three quotes from reputable and accredited installers. Do as much research as possible!

All approved installers should be able to provide a detailed breakdown of the specification and costs of their proposed system. They should visit you in person to complete a technical survey before giving a quote and provide an estimate of how much electricity will be produced by the proposed system. 

Suppliers/installers of wind turbines (both domestic and commercial) can be found by searching below and here.


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