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Future Wind Turbine Technologies


The renewable energy technologies market is growing rapidly not only in the United States but across the world, and advances in wind turbine technology represent a large proportion of this growth.

Project Nova V-Shaped Turbine

Research suggests that in the future wind energy will be the most cost-effective source of electrical power for many states. However, the effects of the growth of the wind turbine sector are being felt already, with the US currently having a capacity of 75,000 MW, enough to provide power to hundreds of thousands of homes. Wind represents over 26% of the new capacity added in recent years and there is potential to add more both onshore and off.


Advances in turbine technology are also leading to greatly improved system performances and efficiencies and lower component costs, which means that wind energy is emerging as a genuine competitor to more established but harmful energy sources such as gas and coal and could overtake hydroelectric in the US as the primary renewable power provider.

Scientists are also working to build wind turbines which can continue to generate electricity even in extremely high winds (at present turbines must shut down in storms in order to avoid causing damage to the mechanism). Conversely, turbines which can function at very low wind speeds are currently in development, meaning that urban and suburban sites may become more suitable for the generation of wind energy.

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